Why Super Bowl Ads Succeed

In 10 short days, people will gather not only to be apart of the millions that watch the Super Bowl, but also to watch the long awaited, highly anticipated super Bowl ads. For sports fans, the commercials are an added bonus to the already exciting day, to non-sports fans, the commercials are what they’re really there to see. The Super Bowl commercials are such a big deal that we actually want to sit and watch these ads and then discuss the best, and worst, ones with our friends.

Over the years, we’ve all laughed, cried and have been dumbfounded by the ads that companies pay millions to air for a mere 30 seconds. The best parts about the ads though are that they’ve always been this way. Years pass but the good ads from decades ago are still talked about.

There are a few that truly stand out and have defined the way that Super Bowl commercials are made today. Here are 12 ads that changed Super Bowl marketing. The author of this article understands why these ads are successful and points out things that viewers may not have noticed before.

Using the author’s text for why these specific ads changed Super Bowl marketing, I created a “wordle” to show the words most represented in the article. Notice that name brands that are represented: Apple, Chrysler, Budweiser, etc.  They have a history of creating humorous or interesting ads that are still talked about it. These brands adapt to the changing times, which increase their presence and brand name in the advertising world.

The takeaway? Super Bowl ads make the cut when they’re funny, thought provoking and making fun of today’s news pop culture.  Assuming you can do it in a tasteful way, there’s a thin line that they have to be careful not to cross, their ads and thus their brand will be talked and admired.


One thought on “Why Super Bowl Ads Succeed

  1. I am definitely one of the individuals who watches the Super Bowl specifically for the ads. I agree 100 percent with your reasoning on what it takes for Super Bowl ads make the cut. The best ones are always the “funny, thought provoking and making fun of today’s new pop cutler” commercials. Also, great idea to make a wordle to represent the name brands mentioned most.

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