The Greenest MLB Ballpark in the United States is…

The San Francisco Giants stadium, AT&T Park

The other day as I was procrastinating on homework and playing around on Twitter, I saw something posted by the San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants), that made an already proud Giant fan even more impressed. The tweet consisted of a link to an article that included a review of how ATT&T Park, the Giants stadium, is going green.

The article highlights the ways in which the Giants have taken the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint and turn their stadium into an environmentally friendly example of what other ballparks and fans should do to help protect the environment.

The following are the 6 initiatives that the San Francisco Giants took and some surprising stats sure to impressive just about anyone.


The Giants first received certification from LEED EDO&M (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing buildings, Operations and Maintenance). This certification proves that the Giants are on the right track for creating a cleaner Earth.

Renovating Ballpark Concessions:

For those of you who have attended a Giants game, you’ve hopefully had their best concession, garlic fries. The Giants started going green by adjusting just this one stand. They changed the way in which they made garlic fries, used soda machines, and they lit the stand. They even painted the stand with biodegradable paint. It’s estimated that the energy saved by making these improvements could fry an additional 110 tons of garlic fries, the equivalent to last 275 games or 1.5 seasons.

Getting Educated:

AT&T Park created what they call their “Green Team.” These are employees who have been educated on how to correctly recycle and compost and are easily identifiable so they can answer any questions on being environmentally friendly.

Solar Panels:

AT&T Park installed 590 solar panels that have already decreased their greenhouse gas emmitions by 360,000 pounds!


By relighting the ballpark using energy efficient devices, AT&T Park saved 171,000-kilowatt hours of energy. That’s enough to power 25 homes for an entire year! In addition, the scoreboard was placed with a more energy-efficient one that has been 78% more efficient in saving energy.

Public Transit and Water Conservation:

The Giants added a new irrigation clock to their field, which has decreased their water usage by 33-50%. It’s known that more than 50% of Giants fans that travel to AT&T Park travel by public transit, which significantly decreases the amount of pollution that would have been produced from the cars or taxis they would have driven. In addition, the Park also offers bike valets to promote walking and biking.

Why is this important?

The Giants have taken a major leap in being one of the first Major League Baseball programs to take these initiatives. It’s not only a way to jumpstart their fans to be more green, but other ballparks as well. Imagine the amount of energy, water and greenhouse gases that could be reduced if every ballpark in the country adopted similar initiatives.


If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve attached the press release of the Giant’s LEED Silver Certification for Existing buildings, Operations and Maintenance.


One thought on “The Greenest MLB Ballpark in the United States is…

  1. Megan- I am a huge baseball fan and an even bigger Giants fan! Reading this blog post and the article made me even more proud to say that. If you’ve been to AT&T Park and not had the garlic fries, you are missing out. Thanks for reassuring my love for the Giants and its effort to become environmentally friendly. Also, that is a fantastic picture of AT&T Park.

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