The University of Oregon Athletic’s Successful Use of Social Media

Since social media’s popularity and presence in the world has dramatically increased, it’s no surprise that organizations and businesses are reaching out to different social media outlets. In doing so, they’re reaching target audiences in a new and unique way.

Infographic created by digitalsurgeons depicting demographics of Facebook and Twitter

Going off of my previous blog post, I thought I would expand on how the University of Oregon Athletic Department uses social media in order to reach target audiences.




Facebook is one of the first social media outlets that businesses start with. Why? Because it’s easy to set up and understand. There’s the opportunity to not just communicate messages but also create dialogue between you and generate interest in your organization. The University of Oregon has done a good job about staying consistent with their Facebook posts and updating pictures and overall information and as a result, have 350,975 “likes.” This is an enormous number compared to our top 5 competitors. For example:


Oregon State has 95,211* “likes”

USC has 42,502* “likes”

UW has 154,926* “likes”

Stanford has 311,902* “likes”

LSU has 186, 754* “likes”


*Numbers as of March 4.


It’s apparent that the University of Oregon has been determined to increase their number of “likes” by staying in constant contact by regularly updating their Facebook site. It’s my belief that the more time and effort they put into their social media outlets, the more rewards they’ll get from it. In this case, rewards meaning more “likes” and more discussion of the Oregon brand, which is an overall goal, right?


The University of Oregon has taken advantage of free advertising and new media in order to attract new fans, which results in more positive publicity and potential revenue.


For example, the Oregon Ducks Facebook has posted 11 times in the past week to update fans on the upcoming athletic events, photos, articles and other general information. These 11 posts have generated 3,355 “likes” and 258 comments. If the Oregon Athletic Department hadn’t been regularly updating their Facebook, these interactions wouldn’t have happened which could have resulted in less attendance at events that they’re promoting.  It’s no wonder why Oregon has so much success with their Facebook “likes” compared to our competitors.


In addition to the Oregon Athletic Department’s Facebooks Page, many of Oregon’s individual athletic teams have their own Facebook to use for their personal use. Of Oregon’s 17-varsity sports team, 11 of them have their own Facebook page to promote their specific events. This further enhances Oregon athletics’ presence in social media.




Twitter was first launched in 2006 and has been rapidly increasing in popularity ever since; although, it’s taken businesses and organizations longer to jump on board. However, the University of Oregon Twitter account sees a lot of action.

Within the last week, Oregon tweeted 75 times resulting in 8,908 tweets and 27,809 followers. Like their Facebook account, Oregon athletics tweet about upcoming athletic events, score updates, press releases about Oregon athletics, links to interviews with players and coaches, etc. Similar to Facebook, Oregon’s Twitter stats go beyond those of the same top 5 competitors.


Oregon State has tweeted 5,126 times and has 5,822 followers*

USC has tweeted 5,746 times and has 23,291 followers*

UW has tweeted 15,104 times and has 19,397 followers*

Stanford has tweeted 2,042 times and has 8,379 followers*

LSU only has Twitter accounts for each specific sport, not LSU athletics as a whole*


*Numbers as of March 4


Again, the University of Oregon has outshined their top 5 competitors in number of followers. This, like their Facebook stats, prove that Oregon Athletics has a strong desire to connect and interact with fans and are taking advantage of that by utilizing social media. In addition to their general athletics Twitter account, several individual Oregon sports, like Facebook, have also created their own Twitter accounts to give out more up-to-date and sport-specific information. So far, seven Oregon athletic teams have created their own Twitter account and that number is on the rise.




This is a new addition to Oregon’s social media outlets. Only a couple of weeks old, the Oregon athletics Pinterest account already has 539 followers. Oregon is the first University among our competitors that has created a Pinterest account, again proving that they are reaching out to a variety of audiences across different social media outlets. This not only provides increased fan interaction but also allows fans to give ideas on types of boards, new promotional and marketing materials posted by followers, etc.


The University of Oregon’s use of social media has set the bar high for other Universities. They’re getting their brand out there and creating new relationships with fans through the use of social media. As a result, they have more Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers than any of our top five competitors. The University of Oregon is using social media to their advantages and is seeing results for their presence online. It’s essential that other Universities follow in Oregon’s footsteps and do the same.









One thought on “The University of Oregon Athletic’s Successful Use of Social Media

  1. I knew that the University of Oregon actively used Facebook and Twitter, but I had no idea I could follow them on Pinterest. The graphs of Facebook Vs. Twitter 2010 breakdown was really interesting to look at. Thanks for the interesting post.

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