Golden State Warriors Adopt Twitter as Marketing Tool

Photo by RMTip21

In my blogs, I have discussed the use of social media a lot. I have touched on the positives and negatives, how it works for the University of Oregon and the NBA but now, I’m going to focus on a specific NBA team that has been not only using Twitter appropriately, but has really adopted it as one of their main marketing tools. The team that I will be focusing on is the Golden State Warriors.

In an article by Sports Networker, Trevor Turnbull connected with Kevin Cote, the Assistant Director of Digital Marketing for the Warriors, and discussed with him in which ways they use social media.

Through Social Media, the Golden State Warriors created social media campaigns to encourage social media use amongst their fans. These include:

Dub The Vote

  • This campaign was centered on the NBA All-Star Game. The Warriors encouraged fans to vote for their favorite players to make the All-Star Game. As a reward for fans social media participation, they were given opportunities to receive signed merchandise and meet the players. In a two-week span, the Warrior’s received over 100 photos promoting “Dub The Vote.”

Tweedia Day 2011

  • Every team has a media day that allows reporters and journalists to ask questions and get familiar with the team before the season starts. The Warriors’ Tweedia Day allowed fans to watch the live streaming of and participate in their Media Day by asking questions on Twitter that would then be answered by the players.  One of the best parts of this campaign was that the players had real interactions with the fans, which they obviously loved.

Warriors Tweetup

  • This particular campaign was focused around one specific game that the Warrior promoted to encourage active tweeting. Just by buying tickets and tweeting on this chosen day, Warriors fans had the chance to meet Stephen Curry, one of the Warriors star players, secure tickets in one of the Warriors Tweetup sections that were in the lower level and club level section in addition to getting a Tweetup shirt.

Golden State Warriors Home Game-Facebook Deals

  • The Warriors’ last social media campaign is centered on Facebook and Four Square. By checking into a Warriors’ game, fans would receive “exclusive deals” that would give them discounted apparel and free giveaways.

Cote acknowledged that they were “late” on jumping aboard the Twitter bandwagon but explains in the following quote why they now constantly use and promote the use of Twitter. “…once we realized fully how powerful it could be, we went at it full force And we’ve seen a lot more success lately with the things that we’ve been doing and the have been loving it and we love using it…”

It’s great to see that NBA teams are acknowledging that social media is where their fans thrive so by integrating social media into their marketing campaigns, teams will  increase sales in addition to fan interaction and involvement. All teams, not just in the NBA, should be creating Twitter campaigns similar to those of the Warriors.


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