Promote March Madness and CBS by Decorating Your Cubicle

Photo by firehole

As March Madness approaches, it is time for sponsors to figure out what they’re going to do to promote both the tournament and themselves. This is a time where sponsors get to be creative and come up with the wildest idea in order to gain media attention. The more creative the idea, the more college basketball fans will jump on board, resulting in increased media coverage.

As I was procrastinating from homework, I was able to find one interesting idea that I know will get fans excited. CBS is offering a March Madness Cubicle Contest. This is as simple as it sounds, people who work in a cubicle will decorate their work space with their favorite teams’ paraphernalia. Once they’ve successfully done that, they will take a picture of it and post it on their Facebook page where viewers can vote on their favorite cubicle. The winning cubicle will get to see the photo of their cubicle posted on TV during the final four in addition to receiving Lowe’s gift cards.

This idea is clever for many reasons. First, a lot of college sports fans are those who unfortunately have to spend their time in cubicles during March Madness. CBS is successfully marketing to their target audience. As this may be seen as a distraction to employers, it’s a way to get fans engaged and involved even if they’re unable to watch at the time.

Secondly, this is free advertising for CBS and Lowe’s. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing social media being used in conjunction with the contest. Again, their target audience is one that uses social media and is therefore likely to participate in the contest. Because no one has done this idea before, I predict that it will be talked about not in just offices but on the Internet as well.

Fans will be getting so pumped for March Madness that they’ll be more likely to take pictures of their cubicles, tweet about them, post them on their Facebook pages and most importantly, challenge their friends to come up with a better decorated cubicle. The more cubicles that are decorated, the more publicity CBS gets which is their ultimate goal.

It will be interesting to see what other ideas sponsors can come up with to promote March Madness. Until then, start gathering your pom-poms and foam fingers and start decorating your cubicle!


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