The University of Oregon Raises Money With “Miles4Kay” Initiative

The University of Oregon's donation table during their Play4Kay weekend. All donations went to assist in breast cancer research.

It’s not uncommon for universities to have an athletic event that is a “Pink” themed event, meaning they raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Often times you’ll see the athletes wearing pink shoes during the game and coaches wearing pink shirts. But when the University of Oregon decided to do a “Pink” theme for two of the women’s basketball games, they decided to go bigger than just having their staff and athletes wear pink.

Using two treadmills that had been donated for the weekend by a local gym in Eugene, the University of Oregon established an initiative called “Miles4Kay” in order to raise money and get donations for Play4Kay, the breast cancer awareness nonprofit they had selected to donate their funds to. To read the press release of the event, click here.

The University of Oregon marketing staff set up the treadmills inside the arena so walkers and runners could watch the game while on the treadmill. Next to the treadmills was a table that allowed fans to donate, pledge a certain amount per mile for walkers or sign up to walk yourself!

University of Oregon fans and marketing staff members running to raise money for Play4Kay. Photo by Abby Carrier

The best part of their plan was that they chose members of their staff and athletic teams to walk. For example, the University of Oregon Athletic Director, Rob Mullens was the first to run! This was a generous move by Mullens as it showed personal devotion to raising money for Play 4 Kay. He was willing to sweat for a solid 20 minutes in front of fans in order to raise money.

In addition Robin Cambier, a member of the Oregon men’s tennis team, decided to volunteer his time to raise money as well.

Robin Cambier, a member of the Oregon men's tennis team, runs alongside the Duck to raise money.

Not only did this raise money for Play4Kay but was also a unique way to get fans and employees involved and donate money and time.

It’s my hope that the University of Oregon continues to do walkathons and come up with new, creative and interactive ideas to raise money for local non-profits.


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