Don’t Forget About Spring Sports!

With the spring game quickly approaching, students are getting excited that finally, football is returning. Students have long-awaited the return of their beloved, nationally recognized football team. As excited as I am for its return, I have still been able to get my Oregon sports fix from other nationally ranked Oregon athletic teams.

What upsets me; however, is that as soon as our football and basketball seasons end so does the support for less-recognized Oregon athletics.  Here are some facts about Oregon spring sports that will get you up to speed on how well Oregon athletics has been doing during football’s offseason.

Can you guess how many of our spring sports are nationally ranked?

Track & Field

I’m sure that students know that the University of Oregon is hosting the 2012 Olympic Trials for the second time in the past eight years. This is a big deal. What people don’t realize though, is that we have proved that we deserve to host the Trials again in TrackTown USA. The University of Oregon boasts a No. 5 nationally ranked women’s track & field team and a No. 22 ranked men’s track & field team. I wouldn’t be surprised if we sent at least one athlete from both the men’s and women’s Trials to the Summer Olympics in London. Students, go support your fellow academics in their quest to London in the Oregon Twilight on May 5th and the PAC-12 Championships on May 12th and 13th!

PK Park, Photo by Wolfram Burner


  • In their fourth season after being reinstated in 2008, the Ducks are ranked No. 14 in the country! The Ducks currently boast a 27-13 record and are tied with UCLA for second in the Pac-12 with an 11-7 record. With only 11 more home games, make sure to take advantage of our beautiful weather and cheer on the Oregon baseball team and help keep their playoff hopes alive!

University of Oregon Softball, Photo By pennstateliveSoftball

  • Throughout Oregon’s 2012 season, the Oregon softball team has proved that they are a high quality team that can win games time and time again. Currently ranked No. 15 in the national rankings, they play among the elite. The Pac-12 is an incredibly dominant conference this season. There are currently four Pac-12 teams ranked in the top 15 with Cal at No. 1, ASU at No. 2, Arizona at No. 11, Washington at No. 13 and UCLA at No. 14. Oregon only has eight home games left at Howe Field so make sure to go cheer them on and boost them into the playoffs.

Women's Lacrosse, Photo By alb6450Lacrosse

  • The Oregon lacrosse team finished up the season ranked No. 27 with an overall 12-4 record, 5-4 in the women’s lacrosse Mountain Pacific Conference. They are playing at Cal on April 27 in the Mountain Pacific Tournament. If they can pull off a win, they will return home to Pape Field and play the next round on May 4th or 5th. Make sure to stay up to date and cheer them on as they celebrate another successful season!

Tennis, Photo By A_minorTennis

The men’s tennis team is currently 17-6 overall, 2-5 in the Pac-12. Playing in one of the strongest conferences in the NCAA this season, the Pac-12 boasts four teams in the top 15 with USC ranked No. 1, UCLA, ranked No. 5, Stanford ranked No. 10 and Cal ranked No. 14. The Ducks ended their regular season ranked No. 68 nationally, an improved ranking from last season!

  • The women’s tennis team is 8-11 overall, 2-8 in the Pac-12. The Pac-12 is equally as strong on the women’s side. Currently, there are four Pac-12 teams in the top 10 with UCLA ranked No. 1, USC at No. 4, Stanford at No. 5 and Cal at No. 8. Currently playing in the Pac-12 championships, the women are ranked No. 66 in the country.

Oregon Golf, Photo By OregonGolfAssnGolf

  • The men’s golf team currently ranks No. 12 nationally proving that they’re as good as our other spring sports. Again, the Pac-12 is an incredibly strong conference with six teams represented in the top 15 national rankings. UCLA is ranked No. 4, Cal at No. 5, USC at No. 7, Stanford at No. 9, Oregon at No. 12 and Washington at No. 13. The men are playing the Pac-12 Championships in Corvallis April 27-29 with the hopes of winning and making it to the NCAA Regionals.
  • The Oregon women’s golf team proves to be playing just as well in another strong Pac-12 conference. Currently ranked No. 21 in the national polls, the Ducks are one of eight Pac-12 teams represented in the top 25 national rankings. UCLA holds the No. 1 spot with USC close behind at No. 3, ASU at No. 4, Colorado at No. 11, Arizona at No. 13, Cal at No. 15, Oregon at No. 21 and Washington at No. 23. They too are playing in the Pac-12 Championships in Pullman, Washington with the goal of making it to the NCAA Regionals.

Be the Next Marketing and Promotions Intern for the University of Oregon Athletic Department!

Regardless of whether or not you’ve read my blog before, there are two things you should know as a college student at the University of Oregon:

First, internships are crucial while in college. Not just because it looks good on a resume, but it teaches you real life lessons that can and will be applied to your future career. Unlike some of the classes we’re required to take as students, getting an internship in your field of interest will expose you to new experiences and people you wouldn’t meet otherwise. Take advantage of internships in college while you can and get experience early on.

Second, if you like sports, dream of a career in sports or marketing, and have another year to spend as a student at the University of Oregon, apply to be a Marketing and Promotions Intern for the University of Oregon Athletic Department! If you haven’t read my previous blog posts and don’t know who I am, I’m one of the current interns for the Oregon Athletic Department. As bittersweet as it is for me to leave this internship, which has by far been the best college experience and internship I could have asked for, I’m excited to announce that they’re looking for another group of interns to teach.

Coming into this internship, I knew very little about marketing. All I had was a passion for sports (and the Ducks) and a little experience with PhotoShop and InDesign, only because someone in the Journalism School thought that those skills could benefit me in the long-run, although I didn’t believe them at the time. My point is: I came into the internship with little knowledge and am leaving with more experience, skills, friends, and memories than I ever thought I would gain from a college internship.

The following are 10 reasons why you NEED to apply for this internship:

  1. You learn the ins and outs of Photoshop.
  2. You get to make the always-exciting schedule cards AND trading cards.
  3. You get to hang out with “The Duck” on a regular basis.
  4. You get to create your own marketing plan for different athletics.
  5. You get to come up with new promotions and watch contestants demonstrate your creative ideas in front of thousands of people.
  6. You get to wear khaki pants.
  7. You get credentials and wear a headset, making you look like a big deal.
  8. Your work gets published on
  9. You get to share an office with the creative genius behind the Oregon posters, the braniacks who run and the masterminds behind Oregon marketing.
  10. You get to help strengthen the Oregon brand.

There are a few samples of the work that I have created throughout this internship under “My E-Portfolio” under “Professional Work” on this blog site.

If anyone has further questions about this internship, don’t hesitate to comment on this post or tweet at me @mclarey and I will answer any questions! Deadline for the application is FRIDAY, APRIL 13 at 5:00 in the Casanova Center!