Professional Work

Allen Hall Public Relations (AHPR)

Allen Hall is a student-run PR agency that works with real clients to fulfill their public relations needs. The brochure I created for my client, The Wayfarer Resort, was created while participating in AHPR. All the photos used in the brochure were taken by The Wayfarer Resort staff.

The Wayfarer Resort Brochure (front)

The Wayfarer Resort Brochure (inside)

University of Oregon Athletic Department:

As a Marketing and Promotions Intern for the University of Oregon Athletic Department, I was responsible for creating marketing materials promoting Oregon athletic’s various games and events. These materials were used on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter,, e-mails to e-mail recipients in addition to being given out and displayed around the University of Oregon campus and community.

Social Media

Baseball Facebook Cover Page

Volleyball Facebook Splash Page

Softball Head Coach Twitter Background

Track and Field Mobile App


Track and Field Schedule Card (Front)

Track and Field Schedule Card (Back)


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